The shower has long been a space of escape, an intimate connection with water - essential to our survival. To submerge ourselves is to submit, to commune with what might be nature’s greatest elemental offering, thus, meant to be shared. Warm, steamy. Wet and sultry.  Not coincidentally, the shower is always next to the bedroom.


Forest vibrations…indiscernible to the eye or ear, but fundamental to their salutary properties. The effect of their ultrasonic frequencies isn’t only auditory, but powerfully synesthetic. When a drab atmosphere clouds consciousness or dulls pleasure, plants are ever present offering up their dopamine, free of charge.


Intensely aromatic, full-bodied, fiery, deeply rich lovingly warm with the most truly sublime smokey aroma throughout. Boozy in character, the dry down is smokey and leathery with gentle nudges of rich tonka bean and background hints of the forest floor.

Signature Scent Cade Black 10 | Eau De Parfum 50mL
$169.00 USD


Smoke's slow dance skyward beckons our eyes; its unpredictable nature mimics our curiosity, our passion. Just as fire was crucial to human advancement, smoke is what makes us feel the most sensually, primally alive. CB incense is an artful, exotic party of dancing woods, resins and herbs yielding a mystical enhancement for the night of, the morning after, and anything in between.