The Story of Cade Black

The nexus of science and art, the earth and the sky, Cade Black flouts the rules of perfume to frolic in the forest. Cade Black unlocks the magic of plants to bring synesthetic pleasure to everyday rituals. Favoring candid decadence over predictable ego, Cade Black plumbs the depths of sensory possibility. Experimental but rigorous, irreverent yet devout, Cade Black embraces the enigmas within both botanical forms and human life. Cade Black is wet soil, heavy petals, rain on rocks, stem to skin. Bio-acoustic and never basic, Cade Black raves in the woods and howls at the moon.

Discover Cade

Like gold brocade, a cascade of shooting stars, or the one-in-a-million blue-eyed cicada, cade is a vibe as much as anything else.

But what is cade in literal terms? A small, coniferous tree native to the Mediterranean (it also goes by juniper or cypress). Distilled from the bark of this hardy tree, cade essential oil is a dark, sexy, luscious liquid that looks like sap and smells like fire. Not to be confused with juniper berry extract—which carries a much sweeter scent—cade casts a smoky, hypnotic spell wherever it is whiffed. Like a cadenza improvised by a virtuoso, Cade Black concocts its fragrances via a free, rhythmic, experimental style.